Only 70 days left!

Only 70 days left!

It’s beginning to look a little bit like Christmas!  The stores are beginning to set aside some space for the incoming seasonal stock.  I even heard a radio station mention that they would be playing holiday music 24×7 in a few weeks time.

How are your preparations going?  Have you gotten all of your presents bought and squirreled away or are you the sort who waits until Black Friday to get all of the best deals or are you the sort of person who waits until it’s too late to have things delivered from online stores?  Be honest!

No matter what sort of shopper you are, we’ll be here sharing ideas and special offers.  We’re offering reviews on the Top 50 Christmas Toys for 2013 and will continue sharing tips and tricks for the holidays in the weeks to come.

Fun Games for Christmas

Fun Christmas Games Courtesy of Schmedgar@Flickr

Fun Games for Christmas

Wow, as we head into the holiday season there are a lot of fun times ahead.  Is there any better way to connect with your kids than to break out a board game?  It’s a marvelous pastime to get out a really engaging game and sit down and make some memories.  Some of our favorite manufacturers are bringing the fun in awesome new ways this year.  Video games, sport toys, board games and reconstructed classics are on the roster!


Classic board games with a brand new twist

Boom Boom BalloonRisk - The Walking Dead Edition

Boom Boom Balloon is a fun game for the whole family.  Along the same lines as Don’t Break the Ice or Jenga,  the player who pops the balloon is not the winner.  We’ve talked about Risk – The Walking Dead Edition before.  Take over the world of the Zombie Apocalypse with this branded version of the popular classic board game.


Video games get personal – Take on a new persona with customizable games

Disney InfinitySkyLanders Swap Force

Have it your way in the virtual world of video games.  The Disney Infinity system lets you portray your favorite movie characters in the game.  Who hasn’t watched a movie and said ‘that character should have done this’?  Here’s your chance to try to do better.  The Skylander Swap Force system lets you modify the Skylander characters to make one of your very own.  Skylander has a lot of neat characters to choose from, but with Swap Force you can stir the pot a little and make your own special character.


Get Ready To Rumble! Burn some serious calories with these remade classics

Futuro CubeNerf N-Sport Cyberhoop Twister Rave

Rubik’s have totally reinvented the game cube.  No peeling the stickers off of this to put things back together, it’s totally electronic and interactive.  It’s fun to play and to watch others playing.  Nerf brings a whole new level of excitement with the CyberHoop.  Plug in your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to create an interactive electronic backboard for your portable Nerf basketball game.  Skip-It from the Twister Rave collection is a test of coordination and endurance. Turn on levels of light display by keeping up the skipping for as long as you can.


Christmas is all about Memories – Make some memories playing games with your family!

They don’t stay little for long, but the memories of the fun you have with them at Christmastime will last a lifetime.  Try these and many other fun games to make magical family memories during the holidays.

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