An Interview With Santa – December 2013

An Interview With Santa – December 2013

It took some doing, but I finally managed to catch a moment of Santa’s time before the big day! He and Mrs. Claus were kind enough to share their time answering questions about the business and charitable works of a professional Santa team.

You might wonder what it takes to be a professional Santa.  He recommends attending some of the schools that are available nationwide such as the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Michigan or the various School 4 Santas by Tim Connaghan that are held around the country.  Santa sports a real beard and a real belly and he wears red pretty much year around since he is able to serve outside of the typical Christmas season in any number of roles from comfort and support to master of ceremonies at a store’s grand opening.  House visits, corporate parties, parades, mall photo businesses are all fertile territory for the professional Santa.

It’s not all business though.  As the very embodiment of selfless generosity, Santa favors many civic and charitable organizations.  He is particularly fond of the Shriners Hospitals for Children® — Philadelphia.

Santa also made mention of the National Christmas Center Family Attraction & Museum as a resource that’s local (to me) and has tons of fantastic Christmas stuff.  If you don’t live too far away from Paradise, PA you might want to stop through and see the collection.

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