Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

 by the Elf Queen

What is the attraction to Christmas movies? Why do people so enjoy losing themselves in seemingly unrealistic situations. After all, how many people have a ham smashed by a tractor trailer truck in the grocery parking lot? Or, who would bring a reindeer into one’s home and put it in front of the fireplace? There are many types of Christmas movies, from the traditional It’s A Wonderful Lifeto the latest version of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Of course, these movies are pleasant, even tame compared to the many horror movies related to Christmas-including Santa’s Slay or Christmas Evil or even Jack Frost.

One certainly has a wide variety of movies to choose from for a night of holiday entertaining. Some might find Santa Claus Conquers the Martiansto be a top choice, though you would be among the few who like that movie. What ever movie you watch, the movie has to be entertaining and enjoyable to you.

Our family likes to watch It’s A Wonderful Life at least once each Christmas season. The grandparents, however, do not. They enjoy watching Christmas with the Kranks or A Christmas Story. One of our aunties loves to watch Elf. Each family must choose a movie with meaning special to them.

Since there are so many movies to choose from, it would be wise to read recommendations from several organizations before picking one that means Christmas to your family. The Back Row and Total Film have reviewed and listed weirdest Christmas movies; the Huffington Post, funny Christmas movies. Plugged In from Focus on the Family has 493 Christmas movies reviewed from a Christian perspective. (493 Christmas movies!) Finally, one can always check out IMDB or Netflix for a listing of Christmas movies each reviewed by fellow movie fans.

It is our hope that you can find a Christmas movie that is entertaining to you and your family, one that moves you and reminds you of the hope Christmas brings to us all.

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