10 Quick Tips to Save You Time and Money Storing Your Decorations

10 Quick Tips to Save You Time and Money Storing Your Decorations

Okay, maybe inviting the kittens to help isn’t terribly productive but the process of putting Christmas away for the year doesn’t need to be drudgery. Taking a little time and following these ten tips will help you…


  • A. Save time by getting your Christmas decorations organized so you can find them quickly and easily next holiday season
  • B. Save space by using boxes that can be easily stacked and organized.
  • C. Save money by storing your Christmas lights and decorations in a way that preserves their quality and extends their life span.

10 Quick Tips

1. Use Clear Plastic Boxes – These are great because you can see the contents without having to spend time labeling each box. Plus the plastic helps protect from moisture better than cardboard. When stacking, be sure to place the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom and smaller boxes on the top.

2. Box your Beads – Pack the beads in small boxes such as plastic shoe boxes. If you use many strands of beads, larger boxes could become too heavy. To keep the beads from becoming tangled, place individual strands in baggies. If you prefer, you can wrap each strand around empty paper towel rolls and tape the ends.

3. Don’t Heap Up the Christmas Lights – Use reels to wind your strands of lights so they don’t get tangled. You can use Santa’s Bags that include stackable reels. Another way to go is to use a kind of wind up like you’d use for a power cord. If you’re sticking with the clear plastic boxes, you can roll individual light strands into a gallon zip-lock bag to prevent them getting tangled.

4. Save Space with Re-Shapeable Decorations – Bows made of wired ribbon can be flattened and reshaped next year. Wired ribbon garlands and streamers can be tightly rolled. They don’t need to be flattened unless you need to conserve space.

5. Don’t Crush Your Wreaths – Wreaths can be stacked in larger boxes but each wreath should be wrapped with bubble wrap. If they aren’t wrapped then they shouldn’t be stacked. Bubble wrap can be purchased where office supplies are sold. Wreath boxes can also be purchased and are readily available on the Internet and in stores.
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6. Wrap Christmas Ornaments Properly – Ornaments should be individually wrapped in white tissue paper or where greater protection is needed, wrap in bubble wrap. Since most ornaments are lightweight they can be stored in large boxes. If you still have the original boxes the ornaments came in, then store them in these and then place them in the storage container.

7. Protect Christmas Decorations from Moisture – If you live in a humid climate using plastic containers may not be enough to protect from moisture. Place packets of silica gel in each container to avoid damage from humidity. Silica gel can be purchased at arts and craft stores. If you cannot find individual packets, you can make your own by wrapping several tablespoons of silica gel in white tissue paper and securing with tape. Several packets should be placed throughout the box.

8. Guard Against Temperature Extremes – Delicate decorations such as ornaments made with photos or wax can be temperature sensitive. Store them in a climate-controlled area or they could deteriorate, melt or stick together.

9. Clearly identify Christmas Storage Boxes – Attach a red ribbon or tag to each Christmas storage box. This will make them easy to identify next Christmas if they have been stored with other boxes unrelated to Christmas decorations.

10. De-clutter – Some people have a tendency to just “hang onto stuff” in hopes that they’ll find a use for it later. Don’t waste space by holding onto old ornaments you know you’ll never use again (unless of course it has some sentimental significance). Just toss out the trash.

christmas wreathA final note: You may also want to consider Christmas ornament boxes and wreath boxes for especially fine ornaments and wreaths instead of clear storage containers. They are available in stores and on the Internet. They are very convenient and some are even acid free for even greater protection for your fine collectibles. They are more expensive, but for high quality, valuable ornaments this may be a worthwhile investment.

A little organization today will take some of the stress out of Christmas decorating next yuletide. Happy un-decorating!

Christmas Light Displays

Christmas Light Displays

 by the Elf Queen Harrogate Lights

How boring Christmas would be without lights. If you drive past a neighborhood in December, sometimes even as early as Thanksgiving or Halloween, one can see twinkling lights and other outdoor decorations. It is very exciting! These light decorations are a way of bringing some color and cheer into a cold, white month. White due to snow and cold due to winter weather! Bright, brilliant light displays take our breath away and bring us smiles. Christmas decorations that are elaborate sometimes run up electric bills, but the price for smiles is so worth it.

In our little corner of the world you can find many outdoor lights and colorful decorations.

Some ideas of lights to see are: Koziar’s Chirstmas Village-such a thrill to bring kids over the highway hill and hear their intake of breath when they see the lights for the first time.

Longwood Gardens has a great display, I remember taking a trip there as a child. Tons of chrysanthemums and lights, beautiful.

A bit closer to home Franklin Township’s Festival of Lights runs through December 23rd. They take a donation of $4/adult and $2/children.

Lights in the Parkway in Allentown is a tradition for many families. It is easy to enjoy the lights as you see them in your warm car.

To see over 40,000 bright lights, one should drive down to Gilbertsville, PA. The Lovely Christmas Lights are a family sponsored home display. Last year’s theme was Christmas around the World. This year will be themed as a Kids Christmas Party.

Orwigsburg is celebrating their bicentennial year and they’ve planned a Festival of Lightsand historical craft demonstrations.

Perhaps you will be so inspired by these Christmas light displays that you will start planning your own for next year. Let us know when you’re finished with the design and we’ll write about your display next year! As for this year, get going-you’ve a lot to see!

Twinkling Strand

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