Gift Ideas – Experiences

Gift Ideas – Experiences

When Christmas rolls around, we sometimes go from enjoying the holiday season to panicking about what we should get our loved ones. It can be grueling coming up with gift ideas. You don’t want to give your dad, mom, husband or wife the same old presents that seem so cliché year after year.

Now you don’t have to. There’s a new trend that you can count on to really hit one out of the ballpark. While many do not, some people have an explicit bucket list. This new trend is “experience gift giving.” This is where you give someone an experience, rather than a tangible present. If last year is any indication, experience gifts will be hot items again this year. Let’s look at how to combine both elements to create an amazing and unique gift idea!

It’s our life experiences that stay with us forever as memories. Tangible gifts get old and outdated. This is gift doesn’t collect dust or get regifted. They’ll never forget an adventure. It is irreplaceable.

The most common gift for people who have no idea what to get their friends and relatives is gift cards. Some people see it as a cop out. Some people see it as a pragmatic solution to provide their loved ones what they love.

An experience gift angle for gift card giving is to give gift cards to a place your friends or relatives don’t usually go. If you have been to a restaurant and have enjoyed your experience, you might give the gift of a nice dinner to your list members. Great memories can come from dinner conversation and who doesn’t like a good meal?

Another simple experience gift that fits well with the holiday season is taking a sleigh ride. Conduct a search for “sleigh ride” with your ZIP Code included to find local vendors who run sleigh rides. Obviously, this is more prevalent when you live out in the boonies like I do, but even in New York City you can find a variety of horse and carriage rides through Central Park. So, in the countryside or way downtown, there are often very nice options for giving someone on your list a charming holiday experience that they’ll never forget.

Some of the more popular experience gifts are food tours, racecar adventures, flying lessons, dinner cruises, sports camps, skydiving and travel. We’ll be talking in a bit more detail about some of these categories in the next few posts.


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