Make A Gift Day

Make A Gift Day

It’s December 3rd, so you still have enough time to make some personalized gifts. In fact, prior to the turn of the 20th Century, most gifts were personally made rather than store bought. Christmas wasn’t the big commercial event that it has become.

Harken back to the olden days and make gifts for your friends and loved ones. I’ve tracked down over 250 ideas for gifts that you can make yourself.

Some of my favorite homemade gifts are the cookie kits in a mason jar. It’s fun because you make it look like sand art and it’s practical because they can just dump out the contents and bake themselves a bit of holiday fun courtesy of you!

The absolutely best thing about making personal gifts for your loved ones is that you’re genuinely giving them a bit of yourself. Even if you’re not the handiest or craftiest person, the fact that you’ve taken the effort to make something special will make the gift that much more treasured. To this day, I still remember the presents that my Nana made for us all. When you make a gift yourself, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

The Walking Dead Risk Board Game (Product Review)

The Walking Dead Risk Board Game (Product Review)

Hasbro is one of the most successful toy and game manufacturers. For decades, the company has created a number of games that have turned into household names. Risk is one of the company’s oldest and most continually popular games. Most versions let players battle against each other for world conquest and domination. A variety of versions of the classic game have been released as tie-ins for various movies and television shows. This new entry to the series is The Walking Dead Risk Board game which is based on the tremendously successful TV show about a beleaguered group of people struggling to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The classic Risk game features a map of the entire world and lets players fight each other for control of the whole thing. The Walking Dead version maintains the same core idea within the scope of the world in which the show takes place. It will feature the southeast region of the United States and include most, if not all, of the show’s most recognizable landmarks, such as the CDC, the city of Atlanta, Hershel’s farm, the highway, and more. All the main characters will be included. Players will be able to fight among themselves for control while fighting off oncoming hordes of cannibalistic zombies. While maintaining the classic game play, this version also adds a new deck of Supply Cards that add new layers of strategy.

How Much?

Scheduled for release in July of 2013, the game will retail for $49.99.

Things We Like About The Walking Dead Risk Board game

Themed editions of Risk have been created before by companies Diamond and Alliance, and all of these have been massively popular. This version promises to continue the streak and give new and old players a wonderfully fun and involved game experience. It is great that the Walking Dead Risk Board game maintains the classic game play feel while updating it to a modern day, zombie-themed experience.

Things We Did Not Like About The Walking Dead Risk Board game

At $49.99, the game is not cheap. All Risk games are complex, highly involved, and time consuming. This can be a show-stopper for some who are more casual fans of board games.

Who Would Buy The Walking Dead Risk Board game?

Fans of the show and the classic game will love the Walking Dead version!

Santa the Zombie Hunter (Courtesy of Royal Holloway Humans vs... [rhulhvz@flickr])


The game will almost definitely have a warranty that protects against any defective game pieces.

Is The Walking Dead Risk Board game Worth the Money?

While $49.99 seems a little steep, the Walking Dead Risk Board game is not a small game, at all. The board is enormous, and it has quite a few game pieces, cards, and other devices. Keeping that in mind, the price is quite reasonable.

Where Can I Buy The Walking Dead Risk Board game?

The game will be available online at retailers such as Amazon and offline at all major department and toy retailers like Toys R Us and Walmart.

More Customer Reviews for The Walking Dead Risk Board game

Even though the game was due for release in July, anticipation of the game’s actual release is high among fans of both the classic Risk game and the TV show. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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Zombie Christmas

Zombie Christmas

Spooky toys and games are looking very popular this year.  Most people think of zombies and vampires only at Halloween, but some people like the scare to go on all year long.  With the zombie craze sweeping the nation in the form of The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season (2013) television series and World War Z a movie based onWorld War Z (2012) a book of the same name, people are just nuts about zombies.  In fact, they’ve barged into classic literature as zombified spin-off versions of Jane Austin tales such as Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesPride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!.

If you are the sort who likes vampires and zombies, I think you’ll be thrilled by the Mystixx collection of fashion dolls and sets and the Once Upon A Zombie fashion dolls.

If you are the sort who likes the idea of hunting zombies like they do at the end of the classic Night of the Living DeadNight of the Living Dead (1968), I think you’ll enjoy the Romper Zombie collectible figurines and Risk – The Walking Dead Edition or even a bag of army men and their zombie opponentsZombies vs. Zombie Hunters Plastic Figure 35 Count Bag.

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