Flowers For Mom

Flowers For Mom

 Flowers For Mom

What is a holiday household without Mom?  She shops, she wraps, she hides. She makes sure everybody has their fair share. She makes it all better when something goes wrong. Mom is the engine of any family and when her special day comes around, it’s only fair to show our appreciation. Flowers For Mom

Let The Woman Sit Down!

What kind of heartless Philistine are you?  Take over the chores without complaint.  Get her breakfast in bed.  Let her watch her favorite shows.  Calm down and take a big family breather. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the most important gift you’ve ever gotten. Life!  She gave you life.  If she’s your wife, she gave you your kids.  Isn’t that enough of a chore to thank her for?  Some people…

Oh Yeah, Don’t Forget The Flowers

One of the great things about Mother’s Day being in May is that there are any number of pretty flowers blooming. My darling wife isn’t quite as fond of cut flowers as she is of living ones.  She’d rather have a potted plant that she can sit on the counter for a few days and enjoy the aroma and then take that thing outside and give it a place to live.  However, she won’t say no to a lovely bouquet in a pretty vase. I’m pretty sure your Mom is about the same.  If you want to get some really spectacular flower arrangements, there are florists locally and online who know just how to wow. Flowers For Mom

 The Best Gift For Mom Is You

When all is said and done, what Mom really wants is to be with her family.  She’s a sentimental softy and a natural nurturer.  Give her what she really wants and just be with her on her special day.  She spent nine months carrying you around!  Can’t you spend the day letting her know how much she means to you?  Just this once?
Flowers for Mom

Happy Mother’s Day from Christmas All The Time! USA, LLC

Disney Infinity (Product Review)

Product Review – Disney Infinity

Combining real world toys and objects with video game platforms has become one of the more popular trends of the last year known as the transmedia gaming movement.  A number of consoles and systems have been released and they range from simplistic systems to complex, involved experiences.  Disney Infinity is one such system that offers a wide array of components and seems complex but is, in reality, one of the simplest and best transmedia systems available.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The depth and variety available is one of the main attractions of Disney Infinity. The base of the system plugs into most current gaming platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS and Windows XBox 360.  There is a wide variety of available figurines that can be plugged in to and change the experience. This system doesn’t need a character to be plugged in to work. It enters Toy Box mode which gives you the ability to create completely new worlds within the game. Characters can be plugged in and they have their own worlds based on their respective movies.  Players can collect power discs that can be connected to specific figurines that will customize those characters. For instance, plugging Buzz Lightyear’s rocketpack disc will give him the rocketpack in the game. Players can also mix and match the discs to give one character’s equipment to another.

How Much?

The system was released in August of 2013 and costs $75 for the base package. Additional characters cost $12.50 each or $30.00 for character pair sets and will include each character’s power discs.

Things We Like About Disney Infinity

You can have tremendous fun completing missions, fighting monsters, and exploring the world with Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles and Sulley from Monsters, Inc. The ability to mix and match power discs promises to add a breadth of fun and creativity unmatched by any other available product. Toy Box mode lets players create worlds within the Disney universe letting players truly stretch their creative muscles in highly customized play.



Things We Did Not Like About Disney Infinity

What can you possibly dislike about Infinity?  Collecting and trading power disks between characters provides the potential for limitless creativity and fun.


Who Would Buy Disney Infinity?

Fans of Disney would leap at the chance to play their favorite Disney characters with Infinity!



While not officially announced, the system will almost certainly have a thorough warranty protecting against defects and similar issues.

Is Disney Infinity Worth the Money?

With the sheer amount of included content as well as the potential for continued expansion, $75 seems a small price to pay.

Where Can I Buy Disney Infinity?

Infinity is available at all major retailers including Walmart and Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Disney Infinity

Rave reviews have been submitted for this game system and the character packs.

Get your favorite character




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