National Noodle Ring Day

National Noodle Ring Day

Today we give thanks for the simple joys of the noodle ring. Most familiar to us in the form of SpaghettiOs, the noodle ring can also be seen in certain brands of instant soup. I’d even consider alphabet and character shape noodles in this category.

The holiday is actually meant to celebrate a particular dish that is made of noodles cooked in a bundt pan to create an enormous ring. However, since this is my site I’ve elected to overrule that. In fairness, I should provide a recipe for the dish being celebrated so click here to have a look at that.

Back to my own unrelated ramblings on the matter.

SpaghettiOs are a childhood comfort classic for many people. The ring noodles were designed to be easily picked up by the spoons or forks of kids who hadn’t mastered the skill of swirling a mass of spaghetti into a mass that would fit into their mouths without slapping sauce all over their chins from the loose ends.

As I mentioned above, I have also enjoyed cup of noodle products that featured tiny delicate ring noodles. There was something simple and elegant about those little noodles. I wish I could find some in a stand alone package for use in other dishes. Failing that, I can always get a box of alphabet noodles at the store. They’re the next best thing and they’re an integral part of another classic comfort food.

Alphabet vegetable soup is one of my all time favorites. The savory broth, the tender carrot cubes, the perfectly cooked green beans and the host of other succulent vegetables all swirling with soft alphabet noodles. You could play spoon Scrabble as you ate. Perfect opportunity to play with your food without getting in trouble for it.

In more recent years, there have been packages of shaped noodles for any variety of occasions. These are wonderful because you can celebrate nearly anything you want. There are holiday noodles, equestrian, sports teams, colleges and all kinds of other themes. Again, as a ring-like noodle, these are easily speared for the less than dexterous among us.

Okay, I didn’t have a lot to work with today as far as previously determined holidays but who doesn’t like noodles? I don’t mind having a day for noodles. It’s a great way to get us through this joyous month.

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