Tick Tock Day and Pepper Pot Day

Tick Tock Day and Pepper Pot Day

The day is passing quickly to a close, so we’re going to look back at the year we’ve had and start to lay plans for the year ahead.

Tick Tock Day

Tick Tock Day There are only 2 days left in the year to attend to unfinished business. Today is a great day to reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year and what you’d like to plan for the next. Tick! Tock! Time’s a’wasting!

Pepper Pot Day

Pepper Pot Soup was presented to the troops of the Continental Army in the dreadful winter of 1777. General Washington wanted to provide fare that would warm their bodies and boost their morale. The spicy dish helped to keep them warm in their encampment and was first presented to them on December 29th, 1777.


Five Gold Rings

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