What do you want for Christmas?

It’s a common enough question, particularly in the holiday season.  Parents ask their children.  Lovers ask their special someone.  Even Mall Santas ask this question.

That’s all well and good for them.  There is no obligation to deliver on their part.  However, where there is a relationship, there is some glimmer of hope that what is asked for may be delivered.  Therein lies the peril of this question.

What if you ask this question and their honest answer is well beyond your ability deliver?  Is it any wonder that the holidays are a key time frame for anxiety and depression?  Is it a surprise that most people believe that episodes of depression and suicide increase in yuletide (though, thankfully, this has been disproved)?

Let not your heart be troubled!  That is the magical thing about wish lists.  Nobody actually expects a wish to come true.  If you ask for something and you get it, YEA!!!  If you ask for something and you don’t get it, unless you are amazingly narcissistic you conclude that it was just too much to expect and moderate future wishes accordingly.

So  it is with optimistic trepidation that I ask you, What Do You Want For Christmas?  What drew you to this place and what would make it a place you want to visit time and again?  Are you looking for recipes?  Decorating ideas?  Nostalgia?  The latest tech?  Share your ideas.  Express your hopes.  Join the Celebration!

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