Winter Solstice and National Date Nut Bread Day

Winter Solstice and National Date Nut Bread Day

Today is the first day of Winter and we’re celebrating it with some delicious Date Nut Bread.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice The Winter Solstice occurs at 4:49AM Greenwich Mean Time (which is actually 11:49PM last night where I live) this year.

The Winter Solstice is another of the historical precursors of the Christmas holiday. Pre-Christian Europe had a variety of folkways that celebrated the solstice as a turning point of the year. Certainly, the fact that the days start getting longer from this point forward was something that people found reassuring and well worth celebrating.

National Date Nut Bread Day

Date Nut Bread is a classic comfort food using some of the exotic tastes of the Holy Land. Since dates are so sweet, most recipes require no additional sweetener. The first date nut bread recipe appeared in print around 1939 and has been a staple of holiday celebrations ever since.

Date Nut Bread

Click the image above for the recipe
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