Zombie Christmas

Zombie Christmas

Spooky toys and games are looking very popular this year.  Most people think of zombies and vampires only at Halloween, but some people like the scare to go on all year long.  With the zombie craze sweeping the nation in the form of The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season (2013) television series and World War Z a movie based onWorld War Z (2012) a book of the same name, people are just nuts about zombies.  In fact, they’ve barged into classic literature as zombified spin-off versions of Jane Austin tales such as Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesPride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!.

If you are the sort who likes vampires and zombies, I think you’ll be thrilled by the Mystixx collection of fashion dolls and sets and the Once Upon A Zombie fashion dolls.

If you are the sort who likes the idea of hunting zombies like they do at the end of the classic Night of the Living DeadNight of the Living Dead (1968), I think you’ll enjoy the Romper Zombie collectible figurines and Risk – The Walking Dead Edition or even a bag of army men and their zombie opponentsZombies vs. Zombie Hunters Plastic Figure 35 Count Bag.

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